The high value of short videos

High-quality animation videos present your product or service to investors and potential customers and are an effective and particularly profitable marketing tool.

High-quality animation videos present your product or service to investors and potential customers and are an effective and particularly profitable marketing tool.

The animated videos can be displayed on your website or as part of an advertising or marketing campaign on the Internet. The advantages of animated videos are many and varied. They are based on the fact that instead of getting confused with words, business owners and service providers can convey messages and explain the product or service they offer through light and brief animated videos.

Using animation video, you can reveal your brand wisely and visually and attract new leads to your brand.

Today, it is clear to every business owner that it is possible to achieve a wider, more significant, and more effective exposure of the business and the products through proper investment in marketing. Producing animated videos professionally and accompanied by experts in the field will lead to increased sales, profitability, growth, and improving and upgrading your brand’s image.

The accepted definition of a short video is less than 60 seconds long. They are considered Short Form Videos.

Short Form Videos in a quick, focused, stylish format in such a way that is easy to consume that does not require the freeing up of precious time in the diary, and that allows, in one organized break, to consume several such videos one after the other without a break.

+TikTok, the pioneer in the field of short-form videos, reached more than a billion users in just six years

73% of internet users prefer to use a short video format to learn about a product or service

+ Short videos have the most remarkable effectiveness for creating new content that quickly returns the investment in it.

+Almost a third of the short videos are watched up to nearly 80% of the video’s length. That is a relatively good extraction of the surfer’s attention to the encounter with the content created.

+About half of the marketing companies in the world believe that short videos have a higher chance of becoming viral.

+Users spend an average period of 45 minutes in a row watching short videos.

It is hard to argue with such data. Short videos have considerable marketing potential. They can upgrade your marketing strategy, add another dimension to it, improve your exposure to the right target audiences, and convert more viewers on the way to becoming paying customers.

The most crucial thing in creating a short animation video is catching the surfer’s attention in the first seconds of the video.

Something interesting, funny, or surprising should happen.

That’s the only way surfers will continue watching the video and won’t scroll further.

People in general, and the age group of the heavy consumers of short videos, need more patience for tedious, long content that gets to the point after quite a long time.

That’s why they came to a platform that offers this format in the first place.

It is important to remember that the average user is bombarded with thousands of types of content daily, so that dwelling on each video becomes impossible for the user.

Therefore, it will be essential to stimulate the viewer’s emotion already in the first seconds of the video. Surprise the surfer, intrigue him, and make him want to continue watching the video.

The distance between the surfer’s almost unconscious scrolling to the next video is extremely short.

Today there are so many platforms where short videos are consumed.

It would help if you got to know the different platforms and see which of them the brand will fit best-

TikTok, of course.

Stories for Instagram and Facebook – on these platforms, releases receive the highest priority in an exposure.

There’s also YouTube Shorts, the world’s most powerful video platform.

Even Snapchat, the photo platform, brings the option of creating light and short videos using Snapchat Spotlight,

LinkedIn, although not cooperating with Stories, still created the Discover Feed, where you can consume short videos, and Netflix also has the option to watch short segments of movies using its Fast Laugh.

Some important points to consider when creating a short video-

Creating relevant content

The content can be original, creative, and full of inspiration. Still, if it deals with a trend that is no longer relevant, it will miss its potential and, in many cases, may even create the opposite effect of antagonism.

Relevance, in this case, is critical to the video’s success.

Creating a new derivative from long content to short format

Sometimes there is a situation where it is not possible to create new content from scratch, so it is possible and even desirable to take existing content that is too long and make the required adjustments through editing, processing, and re-tuning the videos, and create renewed shorter and more focused content.

Short videos of one minute

Although on TikTok, for example, it is certainly possible to produce videos of more than a minute and up to 3 minutes, the surest way to the hearts of consumers is through the creation of videos of less than a minute.

30-40 seconds is the range, more or less, in which the viewers’ patience has yet to expire, and they can be attentive to the message.

Creating content on an ongoing basis

The most important thing to produce a significant effect is to post short videos regularly and consistently.

Distributing the content on parallel platforms

To succeed, it is helpful to create a strategic content plan that will produce for each platform the appropriate content for each platform.

At the same time, similar content can be shared on several platforms to strengthen the brand and maximize exposure to the target audience.

In a world overloaded with content that pops up at us from every direction, short videos are here to stay, and every brand should use them in one way or another.